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Butchery at Wykham Park Farm

Our onsite team of butchers have a wealth of experience and take pride in using traditional butchery methods whilst offering complete traceability on all our meat.

Meat Boxes

Wykham Park Longhorn Meat Box

500g Minced Beef

500g Diced Beef

2 x 4oz Burgers

1kg Topside

1kg Brisket

2 x 8oz Rump Steaks

(option to swap for 2 x Sirloin Steaks for and extra £5)


Mixed Meat Box

We have a Mixed Meat Box jam packed with mixed meats and our butchers favourites!

500g Minced Beef

6 x Pork Sausages (your choice of flavour)

2 x Wykham Barnsley Lamb Chops

1kg Packington Pork Shoulder

8 x Rashers Heathfield Bacon

4 x Chicken Thighs

2 x 200g Rump Steaks


Packington Pork Box

Our Pork comes from Packington Free Range in Staffordshire

6 x Pork Sausages (your choice of flavour)

2 x Pork chops

4 x Pork Steaks

4 x Belly Pork Slices

500g Diced Pork

1kg Pork Shoulder


Plenty for Twenty Weekly Meat Box

An ever changing weekly box full of delicious meats!

All for £20!!


Longhorn Beef

We age our Longhorn beef, on the bone, for a minimum of 28 days to give a superb texture and delicious flavour.

Our rare breed Longhorn cattle are born and raised on the farm. Taking up to 36 months to reach full maturity, it is this slow growth process, combined with a forage based diet which adds to the quality and taste of the beef. Grass fed beef is an excellent source of Omega 3, and also contains low levels of omega 6 fatty acids.

Longhorn beef is succulent, tender and flavoursome.

Meat Boxes are available to order, it is best to call in advance to save any waiting time.


Suffolk Lamb

Our sheep flock comprises Suffolk ewes and Charolais rams. We lamb indoors in early March and once the lambs are strong enough they are turned out onto permanent pasture.

The sheep are predominantly grass fed although the ewes’ diet is supplemented with home grown haylage prior to lambing.

In the winter months we graze the lambs on stubble turnips adding extra sweetness to the meat. We also have our own Mutton available throughout the winter months.


Packington Free Range Pork

All Packington Free Range pigs are born and live outdoors. It's this natural approach that helps create such great tasting and succulent meat.

Packington Free Range Pigs are a traditional breed which, combined with a high quality natural diet ensures a healthy meat full of essential nutrients and great flavour.


Free Range Poultry

We stock a selection of free range poultry from several high welfare suppliers, including: Cotswold Whites from Caldecott Farm, Packington Free Range in Staffordshire and Creedy Carver in Devon.

All of our chickens and ducks are produced to the highest standards and quality; this is achieved by the use of traditional slower growing breeds reared in a truly free range system. A simple diet of grass and home grown cereals, free from growth promoters and hormones produces a happier, tastier bird.

The poultry is also hung for up to 5 days to achieve a more mature flavour. We are proud to stock the renowned Goodman’s Free Range Geese and Norfolk Bronze Turkeys throughout the year as well as traditional barn reared Turkeys and Cockerels from Heart of England Poultry, Warwickshire.



All of our game, including wild venison, comes from either the farm or local farms and estates. Grouse is sourced from the North of England and we also have a limited year round supply of goat meat, from Staffordshire.

Rabbit, hare, venison, pigeon & wild boar are subject to availability

Game Seasonality Calendar:

Grouse - 12th August – 10th December
Mallard - 1st September – 31st January
Partridge - 1st September – 1st February
Pheasant - 1st October – 1st February